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Seat Availability

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Click on your desired seat and time slot to make a reservation in one of the following locations:

4-101: 8 computers available

4-103: 9 computers available


  • These labs contain Macintosh computers with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office, and a number of other programs applicable to VaPA students.
  • To use Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, you will need a free or paid Adobe login. For a free account, you can go here:
  • We have two scanner stations in each room, 4-101 seats 3 and 8, 4-103 seats 6 and 9.  If you don’t need to scan anything, please choose another machine, if none is available, then, you may choose a scanner station.
  • We have a printer in each room, they do not print color, but they have both 8 ½" x 11" as well as Tabloid 11" x 17”.
  • If you need sound, please respect others and use headphones.


*Please use hand sanitizer when you go in and again when you leave.

*You must check in with in 15 minutes of your reservation, otherwise the seat will be made available and if reserved, I will have to give your seat to the new reservation.

Contact Christine Cormack at, 585-292-3110, Office room 4-105, or your Professors with questions, comments, and suggestions.

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